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Voyage Of The James Caird.

Voyage Of The James Caird.

A Story Page.

by Andy Walsh @NoAlphabet.

And where the winds are high and violent, then so too are the seas. The Circumpolar Current whips around the globe, at latitudes unhindered by any landmass, and huge volumes of water pour through Drakes Passage, east of Antarctica, spawning massive waves known as Cape Horn Rollers. These wind driven monsters, which can frequently reach heights of 60 metres, churn into the Weddell Sea, conjuring a convulsive and unforgiving ocean, upon which no mere lifeboat should ever there sail.

But sail there did the James Caird, tossed, battered and flung about its ferocious surface, with six brave crewmen, hellbent on survival and the rescue of the 22 men they had left behind on Elephant Island, fighting every minute to survive the perils the seething sea continuously vomited upon them.

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